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Black Bear Resort  7528 US HWY 50 Howard, Colorado

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A Place You Just Get to Relax and Enjoy!

Our place is your place! Here you just make yourself at HOME!

Enjoy a hot cup of coffee on the front porch while gazing out at the early morning beautiful sunrise!

Amenities & Services
Beautiful Mountain Views

7 Cabin Style: Clean, Reliable Rooms

All Natural 19 site RV Park

Free Wi-Fi access 

Friendly Hosts

Pet-friendly Accommodations

Service Dogs Welcome

Veterans Very Welcome

Veterans Discounts

Dog Walking

9 Acres to Roam

Beautiful Creek Walk

Creek Side Camping

Small Business Perks for our Guests



Snacks & convenience items

Fresh Linens

Privacy, Seclusion


BBQ Grilling


Laundry Service if requested

Eco Friendly

Conserving of modern day luxuries!

We put in the work to make The Black Bear your place!

We took the property over and recreated a meaningful retreat for all who love what we love!


Blackbearrvpark.com | United States, Howard CO



I'm writing my story as i go and as i have time to do so. As a solo woman RV Park owner I'm very very busy and often can't find time for much of anything besides work here at the Black Bear. Our story is very interesting and I hope that one day it will be all written out here for everyone to read.

December 2018 : My oldest Daughter and I arrived at the end of December 2018. Shortly after my Ex husbands passing.. It was bitter cold, snow on the ground, and everything was sorta scary. We had no power, no water and no heat. We both knew it would be a tough challenge trying to survive in these conditions but we also knew we had no choice either.

Black Bear had been sitting for nearly 7 years. Everything was broken , ran down, deserted looking, faded and looking abandoned. The windows in the Motel were broken out and there were signs of homeless people sleeping in the sheds and other areas they seemed to have been able to get into. The property looked horrible. It was over grown, barren and full of wildlife tracks and trails they had created as a quick way to get down to the River we assumed.