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Black Bear Resort Cabin Style Rooms

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Please Scroll Down past the rooms for RV Site bookings!

Please go to our RV Park Rules Page or Waiver of Liability page. Reservations will not be honored until we receive the signed form via check in or email.

48 hour Cancellations (policy) are honored during off Season. We do charge a $25.00 Cancellation Fee and the Processing Fee that we were charged at the time you made your reservation! Thank You!

View Our Quaint Rooms Below!

Every room is unique in its own decorative way.

We are in a conserving friendly Mountain area where we conserve on modern day luxuries and at The Black Bear Room House we ask that you be very conscientious to the luxuries that we have and are able to provide here at our Cabin Rooms.

A few Rules for your stay are provided

Reliable, Clean, Consistent, Cozy Rooms for Rent!

Print this : Welcome Pack & Map

To make a reservation

we require a deposit of 1/2 down or payment in advance!

Thank you so much!

Please select your payment method

if you need any assistance please email me


or text me at 719-207-5194

  • If a guest books for 8 nights, the rate is calculated as the weekly rate + the daily or weekend rate. 

  • If a guest books for 29 nights, the rate is calculated as the monthly rate + the daily or weekend rate

Window View from every room

A few Rules for your stay at THE BLACK BEAR ROOM HOUSE are provided below.

Check In and Check Out: 

Check In: 2:00 PM

Check Out: 11:00 AM

If  you need to make special arrangements just simply check with Us and we will be glad to accommodate you!


All Cabin House Rooms are started out with a complete Inventory List. ( Linens, Bedding, Pillows, Towels, TV, Appliances, and Wall Hangings and Decor etc. ) to ensure that each house guest leaves the house room as it was when they arrived, fully accommodatable and ready for the next guest.

 We have never had an issue with theft before and we are grateful and thankful for that. However, every Guest must have an active Credit Card on file or pay a  Refundable Deposit to ensure that all inventory remains in our adorable rooms.


Our Cabin House Rooms are set up in that it provides our Guests with a Rustic closess to home-away from home experience! We provide coffee and condiments for your coffee and a starter supply of Hotel size bath essentials.

1. Please help conserve on Electricity

and TURN OFF all Lights, Heaters, Fans or Air Conditioning when you leave your room for long periods of time.

2. Please be kind to our Septic System

As we are on a Septic System that is sensitive to feminine products and toilet paper wads. We use a dissolving biodegradable toilet paper product to ensure the life span of our Septic.

3. Please no paper towels or food to be flushed down the toilets please!

4. Room Cleaning and Clean Sheets:

Most of our Guests prefer us to not enter their room unless they request cleaning, Clean Lines, exchanging of Towels or etc. We honor your privacy and are not offended if you want to be left alone during your stay. If you need something just ask and we will be happy to drop it off at your door step!

We will only Clean your room or enter it and or provide Clean Linens upon your request!

5. Linens: Towels:

Each room is limited to 4 Towels, 4 hand Towels and 4 Wash Cloths at any given time. Due to the cost of Inventory we are limited on the number of them that we can provide at a given time. However, just ask us for more as you need them and we can gather up your dirties and provide fresh Clean ones in exchange. Place all used Linens and Towels in the Basket Provided please!



6. WI-FI Internet : Is available and a password is required, We must conserve on our bandwidth and be courteous of other guests. Remember you are in the Mountains and Valley and we can only provide what is available as we are not yet as Technologically advanced as the cities. NO STREAMING PLEASE. checking E-mails, surfing the net and other simple things are allowed.


7. Trash : Lets all be Eco friendly and try to conserve on the trash and waste of containers please! Please NO GLASS CONTAINERS! Glass is to hard to Dispose of and breaks easily. Plastic is acceptable. Please rinse out any can food or Tin cans and dispose of in our recycle bin.

Crush down plastic bottles after emptying them of their contents. It helps to cut down and make room for more! If you have Trash that needs to go to the Dumpster simply please dispose of it in the Dumpster or set it outside of your door and we will collect it up.

We recycle plastic grocery bags to line our bathroom waste baskets with. If you like you may leave any that you maynot use in your room or at the office.

8. Feel Free To Roam: When you stay with us you have complete access to our entire 8 acre mini  rustic resort.

See Campground rules for a walk in the creek. OUR PLACE IS YOUR PLACE!

9. Laundry Use: At this time the Laundry Room area is only for the Hosts/ Employees to use. We are exspanding this facility in the near future. However, if its a must of course ask us and we can see what we can do to accommodate your needs!



Cell phone service can be spotty at best in the Valley and at most campgrounds in the area. There is typically a good AT&T signal here at our park. In case of emergencies, there is an office land line available. Please do not hesitate to use it if necessary. Note that Wi-Fi calling and texting works well on our wireless network.

11. Use of the Common area: This is a shared area and all guests are Welcome to use it.

12. DIATOMACEOUS EARTH:  Because we are Pet and Children Friendly! We use this Eco Friendly Killer to rid off insects and Spiders. Please let us know if you notice any insects in the room. we treat the resort regurarly but sometimes just being out in a country setting makes it difficult to kill them all.

We hope that you ENJOY your stay with US and by all means make yourself at HOME! Our place is your place!

We are laid-back, friendly and hospitable ensuring you and yours are feeling at Home!